CCN Holding's Sustainability Policy guides us for our corporate values, core business principles and ethical approach, as well as our fundamental approach to our material issues of aligning our performance in the main areas of economic, environmental, social, and governance with global goals. Our main goal is to sustain our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with all our stakeholders through our sustainability priorities that we manage in line with our policy. Our Sustainability Policy consists of three main focus areas;

Firstly, "Do something for the world!"

To ensure effective and efficient use of resources,
To invest in new technologies to increase renewable energy capacity and efficiency,
To develop solutions for energy efficiency and creating the necessary infrastructure,
To support the use of renewable energy sources in our energy consumption,
To ensure efficient use of water resources and to develop and support projects that will raise awareness on this issue
To comply with the targets of Net Zero Emission and Net Zero Waste,

Our second focus area is "Human Only"

To implement high-impact social projects those contribute to social development and permanent solutions to social problems,
To ensure that public health is taken into consideration by evaluating the environmental and social impacts of our activities
To increase employee loyalty and welfare, to create a working environment where they can develop themselves and work with confidence,
To prevent all kinds of discrimination in our working environments and accordingly to ensure equal rights in employment, career management, remuneration, performance evaluation, etc.
To believe in the power of women and to support the development of women's employment and qualified active participation at all levels of our working environments,

Our third focus area is "Operational Excellence"

To ensure compliance with basic business ethics rules and corporate governance principles in our business processes,
To develop collaborations to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
To fight against bribery and corruption and to encourage our stakeholders to do the same,
To implement our sustainability approach through responsible supply chain practices and to add value to our suppliers,
To provide differentiated services and solutions to our stakeholders by evaluating developing technology and digital elements.

We commit to communicate this policy to all stakeholders and ensure that it is understood. This policy also creates a framework for targets and is constantly reviewed.