CCN Holding Companies pioneers the participation of suppliers and customers in this process with the understanding of corporate sustainability in the economic, environmental and social areas of the achievements in different fields of activity carried out by CCN Holding Companies.

To provide reliable and quality service in all fields of activity, adhering to ethical values, aware of its social responsibility, and ensuring compliance with contract terms, national and international regulations, standards and legislations.
To set company goals with a management approach that believes in the power of sharing and teamwork,
To create processes that function systematically through strategic planning, to monitor and continuously improve the performance of processes,
To care about understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, to increase product and service quality by utilizing customer requests and feedbacks and to ensure customer satisfaction,
To be recognized with consistency and high reputation in our relations with institutions,
Provide products and services that meet customer expectations and all applicable requirements through our commitments, services and products.
To identify our corporate, Occupational Health and Safety and environmental risks and to create awareness of reducing risks and opportunity approach,
To aim at fulfilling the requirements of all legal regulations, including Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety regulations,
To aim at leaving a more livable world to future generations with strategies of not polluting the environment and efficient use of natural resources while carrying out its activities,
To ensure sustainable environmental management in the methods and processes we determine within the scope of our activities,
To ensure that all stakeholders participate and raise awareness about Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety,
To aim to protect our employees and stakeholders from injuries and occupational diseases. To ensure safe and healthy working conditions for employees.
To ensure sustainable effective communication with our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders in a fair, good faith and understanding manner,
To grow in order to ensure continuity of service, to invest in order to grow, to create resources to invest,
Being aware of the fact that human resources are the most important factor, to manage change with scientific methods through activities aimed at increasing job satisfaction by emphasizing the development of creativity and talents of our employees,
To ensure continuous improvement by applying scientific methods and following technological developments for development and growth,
To carry out our activities in compliance with the legislation, environment and ethical rules in all our fields of activity,
To carry out continuous improvement activities to increase the effectiveness of our management systems.

CCN Holding Companies are aware of the importance and sensitivity of the works in all head office, project campuses and offices where services and manufacturing are carried out. All services and productions are carried out with sensitivity in all campuses of our company.

CCN Holding Companies have adopted the principles as our core values and undertake that this policy will be communicated to all stakeholders and will ensure that it is understood and reviewed for continuous improvement. We set our priority and prestigious goals as "HUMAN and ENVIRONMENT FIRST" in all our fields of activity where we add value for quality, environment and occupational health and safety.