As CCN Holding Human Resources Management, our goal is to work with people who create added value for their company, are open to innovation, produce and develop, and to keep their trust in CCN Holding high by offering them fair and modern HR practices.

With our belief that a successful career adds value not only to the individual but also to the society, we recognize that productive people are happy individuals in their work and in society. Our HR Policies and Principles that we have put forward to ensure the sustainability of this are as follows:

We follow all developments related to Human Resources and implement all HR innovations in line with the goals and policies of our group companies.
We reject all discrimination based on individual characteristics such as religion, language, ethnic origin, gender, age, marital status, pregnancy status or possibility, adopt egalitarian approaches for our employees, and provide a fair, efficient, healthy and development-oriented working environment that supports gender equality.
We adopt merit-based training, performance management, career management, promotion and remuneration systems starting from recruitment processes.
We believe in ethical values and work in accordance with the principles of law and legislation.
We comply with the principles of equality and confidentiality in our recruitment processes, and we do not allow any candidate to be discriminated against or to receive benefits.
We develop measures to prevent our employees from being subjected to physical or psychological violence, and provide communication opportunities where employees can always reach HR Management.
In accordance with our corporate culture and values, we financially support our employees who are development-oriented, hardworking, and honest, and have a high sense of belonging, and enable them to work for CCN Holding for many years and reveal their potential.