For our Customers;

To follow environmentally friendly technology, support and manage change
To deliver work on time at the promised standards and conditions
To provide an environment of trust for our customers by creating sustainable brand value in all areas in which we operate with CCN Holding and our affiliated companies

For our Employees;

To enhance practice through quality management, production and service approaches, continuously supported by the necessary technological resources, working environment and freedom of expression,
Ensure that employees are guided to be open to development, innovative and fair,
Increasing corporate loyalty by adopting a human rights approach for our employees.
To adopt a business-oriented approach based on merit in recruitment and placement
To ensure that the knowledge and experience gained over time becomes a corporate culture
Ensuring that the corporate culture is accessible and developable by all employees and stakeholders,
Ensuring equal development and advancement opportunities for all stakeholders and increasing the motivation of our employees by prioritizing personal development, competition and happiness,

For our Business Partners;

To create long-term solution partnerships based on honesty and trust
To be a leader and exemplary company in all fields of activity in terms of productivity, quality and occupational safety
To be a leader in all fields of activity with experienced and trained personnel

Our Business Targets;

In all areas in which we operate with CCN Holding and our affiliated companies; to have a business in Türkiye and in countries deemed appropriate by our management to work in line with company goals.