CCN Holding Companies pioneers the participation of suppliers and customers in this process with the understanding of corporate sustainability in the economic, environmental and social areas of the achievements in different fields of activity carried out by CCN Holding Companies.

Within the scope of our responsible purchasing principle;

In procurement processes, priority is given to preferring such suppliers that offer high quality services, have a high reputation in the market, and have the ability to manage risk,
Maximum effort is made to minimize the environmental and social impacts of any purchased products and services throughout their life cycle,
Purchasing processes are carried out within the framework of the "CCN Procurement Procedure", and mutually constructive and long-term collaborations are established with suppliers within the framework of ethical rules,
Local suppliers are preferred as much as possible in procurement processes, contributing to the development of the local economy,
It is acted fairly and ethically in supplier selection, and not have any relationship of interest with suppliers,
Sustainability approach is integrated into all procurement processes and suppliers are encouraged accordingly.

The suppliers we work with are expected;

To have created such work environments for their employees, respecting to human rights,
To conduct their activities by respecting the ethnic and cultural differences of their employees and guaranteeing equal opportunities,
To have adopted strict policies on child labor,
To ensure compliance with the legislation in force in the country of cooperation (labor law, processing and protection of personal data, environment, occupational health and safety, fight against bribery and corruption, etc.).

Compliance with our Accountable Purchasing Policy is audited and reported through on-site visits to our suppliers, and priority is given to working with high-performing suppliers.

Management Approval